Little Life UK

"Little Life", a Brand that born in UK, With 25 years experience in the outdoor industry, you can now safely let your toddlers to take their first safe steps towards independence, whilst older children can prepare for their own adventure with Littlelife Backpack. With its unique Disney character and animal design, it becames the most popular backpack amongs parents and kids!

"Little Life" 品牌來自英國, 他們有25年經驗研發外出裝備, 你可以信任LittleLife的背包安全, 讓你的小童建立他們自己步行的信心。

Features (特徵):

  • Zipped top entry to main compartment
  • 主層擁有拉鏈
  • Internal name and address label
  • 內部擁有名牌(可以寫上名字和地址)
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with chest strap
  • 肩帶可以調整長度
  • 2 litre main compartment
  • 主層可以裝2公升的東西
  • Top grab handle
  • 背包上附有把手
  • Supplied with the Parents Safety Rein
  • 附有爸爸媽媽用的安全繩

Disney and Animal Design (迪士尼和動物設計)

Little Life cooperate with disney to design their backpack, which bring happiness to toddler!

LittleLife 和 迪士尼合作製造了不同有可愛的背包,小孩愛不釋手!

Buzz Light Year (巴斯光年)

An all time favorite character from Toy Story, Let your kids become Buzz Light Year and enjoy outdoor activity everyday!


Mickey and Minnie

Disney's Icon Mickey and Minnie is also available in LittleLife!



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