Have you got any Christmas gift ideas for your little one? If you are looking for something innovative and cute,  You can find your perfect solution with Kyle And Vivian HK

您還在煩惱著給您小孩的聖誕和新年禮物嗎?如果您是在尋找可愛又創意的小童產品, Kyle And Vivian 香港可以幫到您!


Gift Idea (禮物主意)#1 : Little Goodall x Angel's Face



Little Goodall designed and made in USA by designer Molly Goodall, with its exceptional high quality materials and its cute apperance, It is one of the best Christmas or New Year gift for your little one. The range include cute little bunny, lion and deer, and suitable for 2 Years old to 7 years old. The brand is mentioned by many press and media. Explore Little Goodall Collection

Little Goodall 是由藝術家和設計師Molly Goodall在2010年秋天創作的,所有產品都是採用了高品質的材料在美國設計並製造,Little Goodall 絕對是最佳和相當實用的聖誕或新年禮物! 他們的產品主題主要包含動物, 例如小兔,獅子,小鹿。 產品適合2-7歲的小童。詳情



Angel's Face designed in UK by designer Keely Deininger, With its signature girl's tutu,  It is the perfect gift for any holiday occasion; such as wedding, Christmas party or even new year party! Suitable for Age 0-6 years old. Explore Angel's Face Collection

Angel's Face是由設計師Keely Deininger於2007年開始,Angel's Face已他們的TuTu聞名,深得世界各地的媽媽喜愛, 他們成為小朋友的時尚目的地!品牌帶出樂趣和優雅,這使得該品牌風靡全球。產品適合0-6歲的女孩。詳情



Little Goodall Coat can be a perfect match with Angel's Face Tutu , Little Goodall 外套可以和Angel's Face 的蓬蓬裙一起穿著!

Little Goodall Press Coverage (媒體報導):  





Angel's Face Press Coverage(媒體報導:







Gift Idea (禮物主意)#2 : Kukukid



Kukukid designed and made in Poland, With its famous Dino shaped Kid's Hoodie, Dress up your kid like a little Dinosaur with Kukukid's Dino Hoodie!! Kukukid Dino Hoodies is now availbe for Family outfit, with its Daddy and Mommy Dino Hoodie, you can now dress up like a dinosaur with your little one ! Explore Kukukid Collection


KukuKid 在波蘭設計並製造,Kukukid 的代表性產品是他們的恐龍連帽外套,他們不僅只有童裝款,還推出了大人版的恐龍連帽外套,為什麼不購買家庭裝並在聖誕或新年的時候穿著? 詳情





Gift Idea (禮物主意)#3 : Oribel x A Little Lovely Company x JellyCat 


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Oribel Toys that can stick on the wall, No mess ! Play with range of innovative toys. Another great gift ideas for your little one ! Explore Oribel


Oribel:Product Range (產品系列)









A Little Lovely Company are well known for their cute little night light, Let your little one unafraid of the dark ! Explore the Range

來自荷蘭的A Little Lovely Company, 他們最具代表性的就是他們的可愛小夜燈系列,送給您的小孩讓他不會再怕黑!詳情

A Little Lovely Company: Little Night Light (小夜燈)











JellyCat from London, It is well known for their cute and soft bashful bunny, Great Christmas gift idea for the little one. Get one now



Gift Idea (禮物主意)#4 : Baby Bites


Babybites a baby and kids sleeping bag brand from Spain, With their eye catching and innovative sleeping bag, With its great packaging, no doubt it is one of the most perfect present for Baby and kids up to 6 years old. Explore the Colour Range

來自西班牙的嬰兒和兒童睡袋品牌帶出可愛和創意。 他們的睡袋絕對可以吸引更多人的目光。Babybites 睡袋也擁有華麗的包裝, 送禮首選, 適合0-6歲的嬰兒和小童。詳情


Baby Bites: Baby Sleeping Bag (嬰兒睡袋)







Baby Bites: Kids Sleeping Bag (小童睡袋)






Gift Idea (禮物主意)#5 : Donsje


Amsterdam based Donsje (Dutch for fluffy) produces a wide range of adorable footwear for babies and toddlers, as well as super sweet and stylish accessories for kids. Exclusively designed with a nostalgic twist, each product has the cute factor and is handmade from premium leather. All products are beautifully packaged in a bag dangling a tiny bell, making Donsje the perfect gift for christmas and new year. Explore the Collection

荷蘭品牌Donsje (德文意思柔軟)製造不同的可愛嬰兒和小童小鞋子和不同可愛的飾物。 所有產品都是用高品質皮革。 Donsje 會是完美的小童禮物。詳情


Donsje : Product (產品)









Hope you enjoy reading the Christmas and New year Gift Guide by Kyle And Vivian HK, And Wish you and your family have a Lovely Christmas and Happy New year! 

希望這個聖誕和新年禮物提議能幫到您! Kyle And Vivian 香港祝你和你的家人有一個快樂的聖誕節和新年快樂